special designs and projects

Patternforme, Thermoforming Toolmakers and PatternmakersOne area where Pattern Forme (PFL) has built up an enviable reputation is in the field of special projects or designs. Again it is the use of traditional skills allied to modern, state of the art design and manufacturing processes that allows the company the flexibility to accommodate a diverse range of requests from clients.

Within this sphere of its operations the company undertake design, development and manufacture of a variety of projects for an equally diverse range of clients.

The wide-ranging projects undertaken have included

  • Patternforme, Thermoforming Toolmakers and PatternmakersModifications and adaptations for existing thermoforming machinery
  • Prototyping to enable assessment of conceptual ideas
  • Injection moulding & blow moulding prototypes.
  • Signage and display units for use in the motor industry.
  • Battle tank gun sights and space models for the Ministry of Defence.
  • Increasingly clients are taking advantage of what has proved to be a cost effective service that can supply any number of precision prototypes for a negligible expenditure.