tooling & manufacturing

Vacuum & Pressure Thermoforming Industry.
From concept, design, and sample products through to final and completed tooling, PFL tooling is designed and manufactured to deliver optimum production times, quality products and best possible machine & material utilisation.

Thermoforming tooling is manufactured to suit a range of machines including, TFT, Kiefel, Amut, GN, Illig, Shelley and Yeniyurt. The company also design and manufacture specialist tooling to suit machinery for the thermoforming of heavy gauge materials.

Many clients have their own specifications to suit their preferred machinery utilisation and operation. Where possible tooling is always designed and manufactured to meet these individual requirements.

Utilising the latest in CAM Software and CNC Machines, we are able to produce even more complex and unique designs, whilst maintaining the precision and accuracy we are known for.

Tool inspection is paramount in the manufacturing process hence from the initial tool design to part component inspection through to final inspection every part of the way is controlled and documented as part of ISO 9001.

Commissioning and or training services are available with the aim of optimising tool and machine functionality to maximise cycle times.